Search for Influence Part II

Challenge Type: Solo
Expiration Date:
March 23, 2021
Goal: Raise awareness of Stacking
up to $7,500

The second-ever Search for Influence in partnership with Freehold + Stacks.

The Rules

  1. Tweet for the next 7 days using “$STX” and “
  2. You’ll be automatically entered and your influence will be analyzed by LunarCRUSH.
  3. Land yourself in the Top 20 Influencers ranked by Engagement on LunarCRUSH Influencers for Stacks (STX), and you are in the money!
  4. Sign up for to qualify.
  5. Watch the NEXT LunarCRUSH Live! | Search for Influence where we enter the Top 20 into a raffle to even the playing field.

All LunarCRUSH, Stacks, Freehold, and Director level or higher exchange partner employees in the Top 20 do not qualify.*

Get yourself Stacking! Best of luck to all.

- LunarCRUSH, Freehold, Stacks


Land yourself in the Top 20 at the end of the 7 days and you are a winner! The LunarCRUSH and Freehold team will do a LIVE RAFFLE where the Top 20 will be shuffled and selected.