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Freehold Public Townhall - December 2020

Patrick Stanley

Yesterday, we held our December Townhall for Freehold. Thanks to the nearly 60 people that showed up!

Below is a video and some select slides from the presentation that should help recap what we discussed:

December Townhall Presentation Slides

We set our minds to a goal and surpassed it quite easily and inexpensively as a community.

Also apparently 500+ nodes were online at the time of this townhall and I didn’t have time to update my slide from 243 → 505. Incredible.

What this may tell us is that the community can be more powerful and cost-effective than traditional marketing channels and company structures. My rough estimate is that this level of impact was done at 1/10 or less the cost of the traditional way (full-time employees creating content, sponsored distribution channels, etc).

The next thing we did was review the Challenge Board, which is only accessible to STX Freeholders who earned their way in and continue hodling. It has over $45k worth of earning options in it at the time of this writing.

What we learned is that we can have more impact when we work together, instead of in silos. The Challenge Board and the Hodl Chat allow us to coordinate with the entire Freehold community to make an impact together.

All in all, it was a great townhall. I’d recommend watching the video above, and if you’re serious about becoming a high-impact hodler, please apply to join at

See you in 2021!