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Hodl Chat

Patrick Stanley

Today, we are excited to announce a pilot of “Hodl Chat”, a chat group that requires ownership to access. This gets us one step closer to our Freehold vision of communities of hodlers owning and working for things they believe in.

So why is Hodl Chat important?

Up until today we have solely communicated to Freeholders via email, which is a one-to-many approach of messaging. In a Freehold this can work, especially when you want to encourage folks to complete well-defined individual tasks.

But we believe Freehold communities may work better when they work together.

For example, imagine the difference between doing business development with one employee versus doing it with hundreds of motivated community members. You could take a different approach altogether when you are operating with a community at scale. Maybe you move faster, maybe you cover more ground immediately, and maybe the community surprises you with the way in which they solve the problem. They can also be rewarded more easily for community challenges where the community gets rewarded for succeeding in hitting milestones.

Another reason Hodl Chat is important is to reduce the negative aspects of open chats like Telegram, where people who don’t have skin in the game can come in and interrupt conversations with negativity, ignorance, or malice. Each chat group is designed for different things: Slack is good for startups and small groups, telegram is good for traders, and hodl chat is beneficial for activated communities that have an impact, like Freeholds.

Lastly, a community of like minded people who are economically aligned may prove to be one of several value defining propositions of the Freehold model. If it proves to be, we may simply want to scale communities like this to create more value.

Hodl Chat is currently only open to Freeholders, which you can apply to become by visiting In the future you may be able to earn, mine, or buy your way in to a Hodl Chat, or create your own.