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Hodl Score

Patrick Stanley

"[The cyber economy] will emphasize the importance of productivity and the correctness of earnings being retained by those who generate them. Another corollary point will be the importance of efficiency of investment. In other words the morality of the Information Age will be the morality of the market [...] a morality of trust." - The Sovereign Individual, Davidson & Rees-Mogg (1997)

Today we are pleased to launch Hodl Score, a new way to measure an individual's contribution and confidence in the crypto they support. Right now it is only open to Freeholders in the STX Freehold (sign up here).

How it works is that crypto earnings of Freeholders are monitored and fed into an algorithm that generates a final score with a maximum score of 850. The algorithm's current inputs are total historical earnings, percentage of total earnings held, date of first earning, date of most recent earning.

As an example, Jane Doe has been earning consistently for 4 months, has $2,000-10,000 earnings, has kept 85% of her earnings, and thus has a 748 Hodl Score.

Currently, Hodl Score works as a private feedback loop delivered to respective Freeholders' emails each week. In the future, it may be a used to enable access control to special groups and stakeholding opportunities.

We believe by enabling people to build their reputations in this way, it may open up new labor markets and stakeholder networks that previously didn't exist in crypto. The owner of an excellent Hodl Score may become a signal for groups of stakeholders who want to know where to work, recruit, or invest.

If you are interested in getting your Hodl Score, you can apply to contribute in the STX Freehold.